EOFY Signals Time to get Started

Connecting with Customers
Now that the frenetic and, for many, fraught rush of preparing all the data for the end of financial year has died down, it’s time to take stock, breathe a little and think about how you are going to approach communication with your clients and customers in this new financial year.

Authentic communication leads to connection: connection is where business happens

Have a look at the big picture, the year in its entirety and work out what you want to say and when is the best time to say it. If your service or product is seasonal then there will be natural periods when communication is key, but what will you do in between these periods? Take account of school holidays, religious festivals or community happenings and ask yourself if you can authentically tie-in your communication with these periods.

The digital age has made communication considerably less expensive, quicker and easier than it once was. You can set up a company facebook page, a linkedIn profile, an Instagram or pinterest account in very little time at all. Help is at hand if this all seems a bit overwhelming with marketing specialists like Big Picture, to assist you in creating a social business profile supported by an e-newsletter and/or a blog. You don’t have to start with everything digital all at once!

Now is the time to put together a plan where you can be more strategic about keeping in touch with your customers. If you do run a blog or regular e-newsletter, put together a plan of relevant topics so you can be organised in gathering the information specific to your subjects as you progress through the year. Use your phone to take advantage of apps like evernote to capture and store this information quickly and efficiently for easy recall at a later date.

Integrate your blog or newsletter topics with your social media post content so that your communication is not only relevant but consistent. This way you will always be touching your customer base on some level while keeping your business or service top of mind.

Creating and visibly displaying a physical plan, schedule or timetable of when and what you are going to communicate keeps you accountable and allows you to make time for this important aspect of your marketing during the normal run of your daily business life.