Where innovation really begins. Hint, you already know this.

The 2016 Bloomberg Global Tech Issue is out – reporting on how the big questions are being tackled from points all over the globe and packaged up in quite a wacky interface.
The Report covers off solutions to pressing issues such as the 11 Italian engineers solving the problem of how to make espresso coffee in space.
Meanwhile back on earth – if plants have an infinite loop of producing energy via photosynthesis then why can’t we?
And my favourite – it turns out that expensive re-designs of disused power stations (ahem White Bay) is NOT the path to innovation. It’s garages, that’s what we need – lots of them. That’s where all the midnight oil is burnt and the big ideas are incubated.
Worth a read. Although I’d turn the sound down – the experience is a lot like the infinite loop of  ‘hold’ music without the super-insulting “Thank you for calling, your call is important blah, blah…..”.