Have you left anything behind?


Regardless of any resolutions that you may have made back on 1st January, the beginning of a new year is, for most, a time of fresh expectation and of hope, of leaving the old stuff behind and approaching the future with new plans and a feeling of restored confidence.

This feeling of hope and expectation should be carried through into your business too.

What new initiatives will you implement this year to grow your brand, business or expand your customer base?

Has your business got to the point where it is time for a website build or re-fresh?  How long has it been since you updated your copy, photos and testimonials?

Will 2014 be the year when you start to regularly communicate with your customers via an email newsletter?

Will you leave behind your current newsletter format, maybe a pdf attached to an email and instead start to build your database and create a regular interactive newsletter which engages with your customer base and leads your clients back to your website?

As an additional way of communicating with your target market, perhaps you will ramp up your social media presence?  Create business pages and profiles for facebook, linkedIn, Google + and You Tube. Or maybe your business is more geared towards the more visual social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.  How can you leverage social media to generate more income in 2014?

Maybe it’s finally time to get those videos produced and put them up on a You Tube channel?

Why not make 2014 the year when you employ every tool you can, to make sure that your brand or business stays top-of-mind with your clients?

The experienced team at Big Picture Inc can help with all or any of the above initiatives.  Contact us to talk about how we can help you to grow and move your business forward in 2014.