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Omnilab Media

Omnilab Media is a leading integrated content and technology company.
Currently with a collective of 9 businesses, it services a diverse range of clients in the advertising, corporate, film and television markets, with offices in Australia, North America, Europe, and New Zealand.
Omnilab Media were looking to undertake a number of significant changes across their businesses.
Big Picture Principal Peter Fisher was contracted to Omnilab Media to manage a range of Operational and Transformational Change Requirements.

Big Picture inc managed a range of projects working with Senior Management and key staff, including:

  • TV Studio Construction
  •  Transitioning TV Drama workflow
  • Happy Feet 2 – Installing Baselight at Deluxe for the stereoscopic colour grade
  • Iloura Sydney – Budgeting and project managing the build of  Design/Visual Effects facility, Iloura in Sydney
  • Dr D – Centralising the asset register
  • Dr D – Undertaking and Managing an Independent Valuation of Assets
  • Dr D – Proposing sales strategies
  • Assessing the potential of OM Group Storage & High Speed Connectivity strategies
  • Overseeing Creative Services Software Audit and Compliance

Big Picture Inc was involved in managing a range of projects by working with Senior Management and key staff.

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