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Change Management

Big Picture Inc works with small, medium and large companies on Operational, Change and Transformation Management.
With a focus on Film, Television and Media Industries, Big Picture Inc works with Senior Management, CFOs and Owners of the Business.
Some projects undertaken are outlined as follows:

  • Iloura Sydney – Budget and project managed the build of design / vfx facility Iloura Sydney – Omnilab Media
  • TV Studio Construction – Assisted to build a TV studio at Digital Pictures Artarmon for a daily live online TV show – for Telstra / Ambience – Omnilab Media
  • ON-SET – helped set up on-set camera data recording and wrangling – FSM
  • TV Drama workflow – transitioned TV drama from tape to file based workflow at Digital Pictures Sydney – Omnilab Media
  • Happy Feet 2 – Installed Baselight at Deluxe for the stereoscopic grade of Happy Feet 2 – Omnilab Media / Dr D Studios
  • Dr D Asset Management – centralised the Asset register, overseeing an independent valuation of Dr D Assets – Omnilab Media
  • Group Storage & High Speed Connectivity – Assessed group storage, rendering and high speed connectivity – Omnilab Media
  • Software Audit and Compliance – Oversaw Creative Services software audit and compliance – Omnilab Media