Website Wins & Wireframe Wrangling

Finally, we have lift–off. Our website, we are thrilled to announce (and as you can see), is finished.

After months of wrangling, waiting and exercising supreme patience (servicing our own clients took priority over this project), here we are live with the new Big Picture Inc website.

The relief we are feeling is nothing short of immense!

We had spent too long reluctantly living with a make-do website which in no way reflected our core company values or satisfactorily showcased our work. Like the tradie who works on his own home last, we were busy partnering with our clients helping some to deliver great material to their markets and assisting others in the design and build of their own websites. To our frustration, Big Picture’s new website had to take a back seat.

Can you identify with this pain?

The secret to our eventual success was simply that we realised we had to manage our website build in exactly the same structured way as we would manage an external job. Not surprisingly with this approach, the project gathered enough momentum to finally get finished.

If you know in your heart that you too really need a new website, but have been putting it off because the task seems so monumental, just remember the wisdom in that old Chinese proverb, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step”

To help you make those first steps towards building your new site we have put together a list of 10 points you might like to consider which you can read here.